3311 – Business – Expenditures/ Expending Authority – Bids

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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised – 2/21/2002

The District shall purchase equipment, supplies and services using competitive bidding when required by law and in accordance with statutory requirements for bidding and bidding procedures.  In those circumstances where the law does not require competitive bidding, the Governing Board may request that a contract be competitively bid if the Board determines that it is in the best interest of the District to do so.

When the Board has determined that it is in the best interest of the District, the Board may piggyback onto the contract of another public agency or corporation to lease or purchase equipment or supplies to the extent authorized by law.

To ensure that good value is received for funds expended, specifications shall be carefully designed and shall describe in detail the quality, delivery and service required.

To assist the District in determining whether bidders are responsible, the Board may require pre-qualification procedures as allowed by law and specified in administrative regulation.

Legal Reference:
17595 Purchases through Department of General Services
38083 Purchase of perishable foodstuffs and seasonable commodities
38110 Purchase of supplies through county superintendent
38111 Purchases by District governing board
38112 Purchases of necessary supplies
39802 Transportation bids and contracts for services
4330-4334  Preference of California-made materials
6252  Definition of public record
53060 Special services and advice
54201-54205  Purchase of supplies and equipment by local agencies
2000-2001 Responsive bidders
3400  Bids, specifications by brand or trade name not permitted
3410  United States produce and processed foods
6610  Bid visits
12161  Definitions, recycled paper  products
12168  Preference for purchase of recycled paper products
12169  Bidders to specify percentage of recycled paper product
12200  Definitions, recycled goods, materials and supplies
12210  Purchase of recycled products preferred
12213  Specification by bidder of recycled content
20103.8  Award of contracts
20107  Bidder’s security
20111-20118.4 School Districts
20189  Bidder’s security, earthquake relief
22002  Definition of public project
22030-22045  Alternative procedures for public projects (UPCCAA)
22050 Alternative emergency procedures
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Management Resources:
CSBA:  www.csba.org
California Association of School Business Officials:  www.casbo.org


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