3310 – Business – Expenditures/ Expending Authority – Purchasing Procedures

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Regulation –
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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised –
The Superintendent or designee shall maintain effective purchasing procedures in order to ensure that maximum value is received for money spent by the district and that records are kept in accordance with law.

Insofar as possible, goods and services purchased shall meet the needs of the person or department ordering them at the lowest price consistent with standard purchasing practices. Maintenance costs, replacement costs, and trade-in values shall be considered when determining the most economical purchase price.

All purchases shall be made by formal contract or purchase orders, or shall be accompanied by a receipt.

EC 35250, 39656-657; GC 4331; PUBLIC CONTRACT CODE 3410, 12168, 12210.
CSBA Date – 2/97

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