3310 – Business – Expenditures/ Expending Authority – Purchasing Procedures

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Regulation – x
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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised –
Whenever recycled products of equal fitness and quality are available at no more than the cost of nonrecycled products, the district shall purchase recycled products. The district also may give preference to the suppliers of recycled products. (Public Contract Code 12168, 12210)

Price, fitness and quality being equal, the district shall give preference to supplies manufactured, grown or produced in California, and shall next prefer supplies partially manufactured, grown or produced in California. (Government Code 4331)

When purchasing food, the district shall give preference to produce grown in the United States and/or processed in the United States insofar as this is economically feasible considering the total cost, quantity and quality of the food. (Public Contract Code 3410)

See Policy #3310
CSBA Date – 2/97

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