3270 – Business – Income – Sale, Disposal of Books, Equipment and Supplies

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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised –
When district-owned books, equipment and supplies become unusable, obsolete, or no longer needed, the Superintendent or designee shall identify these items to the Governing Board, together with their estimated value and a recommendation that they be sold or disposed of by one of the methods prescribed in law and administrative regulations. With Board approval, the Superintendent or designee shall arrange for the sale or disposal of these items. (EC 60500)

Instructional materials may be considered obsolete or unusable when they:

1. Contain information rendered inaccurate or incomplete by new discoveries or technologies

2. Have been replaced by more recent versions or editions of the same material and are of no foreseeable value in other instructional areas

3. Contain demeaning, stereotyping or patronizing references to either sex, members of racial, ethnic, religious, vocational or cultural groups, or persons with physical or mental disabilities

4. Have been inspected and discovered to be damaged beyond use or repair

The Superintendent or designee shall establish procedures to be used when selling equipment for which the federal government has a right to receive all or part of the proceeds. These procedures shall ensure a reasonable amount of competition so as to result in the highest possible revenue. (34 C.F.R. 80.32)

EC 39510-512, 39520-530, 42291.5, EC 42303, 60500, 60510-511, 60520-521, 60530, 62000.4; GC 25505; US CODE, TITLE 40 484; CODE OF FED REGS, TITLE 34 80.32.
CSBA Date – 6/96

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