3260 – Business – Income – Fees and Charges

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Adopted – 11/3/1994
Revised – 9/19/2002
The District shall charge only those fees specifically authorized by law. (5 CCR 350)

The following fees and charges are permissible if approved by the Governing Board:

1. Insurance for athletic team members, with an exemption for financial hardship (Education Code 32221)
2. Insurance for medical or hospital service for students participating in field trips and excursions (Education Code 35331)
3. Expenses of students’ participation in a field trip or excursion to another state, the District of Columbia or a foreign country, as long as no student is prohibited from making the field trip due to lack of funds (EC 35330)
4. Student fingerprinting program (Education Code 32390)
5. School camp programs operated pursuant to Education Code 8760-8773 provided that the fee is not mandatory (Education Code 35335)
6. Personal property of the District fabricated by students, as long as the cost of the property does not exceed the cost of the materials provided by the District (Education Code 17551)
7. Physical education uniforms
8. Deposit for band instruments, music, uniforms and other regalia which school band members take on excursions to foreign countries (Education Code 38120)
9. Fees for community service classes (Education Code 51815)
10. Actual costs of duplication for copies of public records (Government Code 6253)
11. Actual costs of duplication for reproduction of the prospectus of school curriculum (Education Code 49091.14)
12. Food sold at school subject to free and reduced price meal program eligibility and other restrictions specified in law (Education Code 38084)
13. Fines or reimbursements for lost or damaged District property or damage to library property (Education Code 19910-19911, 48904)
14. Parking on school grounds (Vehicle Code 21113)
15. Educational clinics (Education Code 58550-58562)

See Policy #3260
CSBA Date – 6/93

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