2210 – Administration – Administrative Staff Organization – Administrative Leeway in Absence of Policy

Policy – x
Regulation –
Exhibit –

Adopted – 10/7/1999
Revised –
The Superintendent shall have the power to act in cases where action must be taken and where the Governing Board has not provided guidelines for admin-istrative action. The Board shall review the Superintendent’s decision at the next regular Board meeting.

It shall be the duty of the Superintendent to keep the Board president apprised of any action taken in emergency situations as soon as practicable after its occurrence and certainly prior to the Board’s next regular meeting. The president shall use his/her discretion in informing the Board before its next regular meeting. If the action necessitates addition or revision of policies, the Superintendent shall make the necessary recommendations to the Board.

35035 Powers and duties of superintendent
CSBA Date – 6/87

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