2124 – Administration – Administrative Staff Organization – Supt of Schools: Job Description

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Adopted – 10/7/1999
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The Superintendent is directly responsible to the Governing Board, serves as chief executive of the Board, and supervises all district operations in accordance with Board policies. Although the Superintendent may delegate appropriate powers and duties so that operational decisions can be made at various adminis-trative levels, he/she is responsible for the execution of these powers and duties and will establish administrative regulations as needed to manage the district.

Duties Related To The Board

The Superintendent:

1. Advises the Board on the need for new and/or revised policies and makes policy recommendations based on data and input from staff and advisory committees.
2. Submits to the Board recommendations relative to all matters requiring Board action, together with the materials needed for informed decisions.
3. Reports periodically on all district operations.
4. Conducts special studies requested by the Board.
5. Secures legal opinions when needed.
6. Submits staff members’ communications to the Board or to Board committees at regular Board meetings, with or without recommendations.
7. Provides advice and leadership to the Board and to the district’s chief negotiator during the collective bargaining process.
8. As secretary to the Board, prepares the agenda and minutes of Board meetings, handles Board correspondence, and maintains all Board records, contracts, securities and other documents.

Duties Related To Staff

The Superintendent:

1. Coordinates the work of all schools and departments.
2. Directs the employment and assignment of administrative staff and coor-dinates administrative staff activities.
3. Selects and recommends to the Board the best qualified and most competent candidates for employment, in accordance with nondiscrimination policy and affirmative action plans.
4. Advises the Board regarding the leave, classification, retirement, resignation, promotion, suspension or dismissal of district employees.
5. Assigns personnel within the district in accordance with Board policy and the collective bargaining agreement.
6. Arranges for the evaluation of each staff member and identifies appropriate opportunities for continued professional development.
7. Maintains appropriate channels of communication within the district and ensures that staff is informed about relevant federal, state, and county laws, district policies, regulations and procedures, and matters related to the improvement and welfare of the schools.
Duties Related To The Community

The Superintendent:

1. Represents and advocates for the Board in relationships with city, county and state governments, private agencies, and the school community.
2. Sees that the community is informed about school matters through the school accountability report card and other informational materials.
3. Participates in appropriate community organizations and functions to obtain support for the attainment of district goals.
4. Hears complaints against the schools and resolves controversies between em-ployees or between employees and students or parents/guardians.

Pacific Grove Unified School District Governing Board
CSBA Date – 10/94

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