2122 – Administration – Administrative Staff Organization – Supt. of Schools: Responsibilities and Duties

Policy – x
Regulation –
Exhibit –

Adopted – 10/7/1999
Revised –
The Superintendent is expected to work for the fulfillment of District goals and objectives established by the Governing Board. His/her responsibilities and duties shall be specified in contract and further detailed throughout the Board’s policies.

The duties of the Superintendent’s office shall take precedence over any outside professional activities.

35020 Duties of employees set by governing board
35026 Employment of District superintendent by certain Districts
35028 Qualifications for employment
35029 Waiver of certification requirement
35035 Additional powers and duties of superintendent
39656 Delegation of powers to agents
39657 Delegation of authority to purchase supplies, equipment and services
48900 Authority of superintendent to recommend suspension or expulsion
89501-89505 Honoraria and gifts
CSBA Date – 10/94

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