2121 – Administration – Administrative Staff Organization – Superintendent’s Contract

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Adopted – 10/7/1999
Revised –
The Governing Board shall employ a Superintendent for a term of not more than four years. (Education Code 35031)

The Board may obtain legal counsel from its own attorney when entering into a Superintendent’s contract.

Termination Of Contract

The Board shall notify the Superintendent no less than 45 days before his/her current contract expires of its intention not to renew the contract. If the above notice has not been given, the Superintendent shall be reelected for a term of the same length as the one completed, under the same terms, and with the same compensation. (Education Code 35031)

The Board shall evaluate the Superintendent’s performance early enough to ensure compliance with this notice requirement and any requirements of the existing contract.

35031 Term of employment
53260-53264 Employment Contracts
CSBA Date – 12/92

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