1340 – Community Relations – Public Activities Involving Staff, Students and School Facilities – Access to District Records

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Adopted – 2/2/1995
Revised –
Any person shall have reasonable access, during normal business hours, to the public records of the schools and district. Such records shall be examined in the presence of the staff member regularly responsible for their maintenance.

There is presumed to be a compelling public interest that is beneficially served by prompt, expeditious public access to all district records, except as specifically restricted by law, or when, upon the specific written finding of the Superintendent, there is determined to exist a public interest in withholding the record(s) that clearly outweighs the public interest in disclosure.

The district may charge for copies of public records or other materials requested by individuals or groups. Public access shall not be given to records listed as exempt from public disclosure in the California Public Records Act.

EC: 35145, 35170, 35250, EC: 42103, 44031, 44839 , 49060-49079, 52015, 52850, 54722. GC: 6250-6268, 3547, 54957.2, 81008. CODE OF REGULATIONS, TITLE 5: 430-438, 4061.
CSBA Date – 12/92

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