1325 – Community Relations – Public Activities Involving Staff, Students and School Facilities – Advertising and Promotion

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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised – 6/26/2003
Distribution, Posting or Circulation of Noncommercial Materials

The Governing Board desires to promote positive relationships between the schools and community organizations. Just as community organizations can build support for the schools, the schools can cooperate with these groups under certain circumstances by publicizing services, special events and public meetings of interest to staff and/or students and parents/guardians.

The Superintendent or designee may approve the distribution, posting or circulation in District schools of materials prepared by organizations that are school sponsored or school related. Materials approved for distribution, posting or circulation shall further the District’s intended purpose, directly benefit the students, support the basic educational mission of the District or be of intrinsic value to the students. Materials shall not promote any particular religious or political interest except as specified below.

Distribution, Posting or Circulation of Political Materials

The schools shall not distribute, post or circulate campaign materials pertaining to a candidate, party, or ballot measure. Campaign materials shall not be distributed, posted or circulated on District property at any time other than at a forum in which candidates or advocates from all sides are presenting their views to the staff and/or students during school hours, or during events scheduled pursuant to the Civic Center Act.

Distribution, Posting or Circulation of Commercial Materials/Advertising

The Board believes that the students in our schools should focus on educational matters and not be the target of advertising. School-sponsored publications, announcements and other school communications shall carry no advertising. In addition, the Superintendent or designee shall not accept promotional materials of a commercial nature for distribution, posting or circulation by or to staff and/or students.

Advertising of commercial products or services will not be distributed, posted or circulated in District schools unless they relate to appropriate fundraising for student programs and activities such as those sponsored by the Parent-Teacher organization and the District Foundation. Prior approval must be granted by the Superintendent or designee.

Students shall not be required to view commercials during instructional time. Advertisements may be studied, however, as part of the consumer education curriculum.

Products and materials donated by commercial enterprises may be used in the classroom as long as they serve an educational purpose and do not unduly promote any commercial activity or products. Such materials may bear the name or logo of the donor. The use of such materials does not imply District endorsement of any identified commercial products or services.

Legal Reference:
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35160 Authority of governing boards
35160.1 Broad authority of school Districts
35172 Promotional activities
40040-40047 Civic Center Act
48907 Student exercise of free expression
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CSBA Date – 6/96

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