1321 – Community Relations – Public Activities Involving Staff, Students and School Facilities – Solicitation of Funds From and By Students

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Adopted – 7/7/1994
Revised –
In order to minimize interruptions to regularly scheduled instruction, staff shall limit fundraising activities to appropriate time periods designated by the principal.

The principal or designee shall ensure that letters are sent to parents/guardians regarding all fundraising activities.

Individual awards or other incentives which identify donors/ participants shall not be used.

In keeping with the concept that school-sponsored activities should raise social awareness as well as funds, at least one of each school’s yearly fund-raisers should be held for the benefit of a worthwhile humanitarian cause rather than to finance school -related expenditures.

No student shall be required to raise a specified amount of money in order to participate in an activity sponsored by a school-related organization.

Students making solicitations on behalf of the school or for school-related projects are expected to be courteous and respectful towards all individuals and businesses, whatever the outcome of the solicitation may be.

Door-To-Door Sales

The California Code of Regulations, Title 8, 11706 allows minors under 16 to engage in door-to-door sales only under the following conditions:

1. The minors must work in pairs, as a team, on the same or opposite side of the street.
2. The minors must be supervised by an adult, with one adult for every crew of ten or fewer minors.
3. The minors must be within the sight or sound of their adult supervisor at least once every fifteen minutes.
4. The minors must be returned to their respective homes or meeting places after each day’s work.

Letters sent to parents/guardians regarding such activities may include the following additional suggestions:

1. Students should not be out after dark selling or soliciting funds for school activities.
2. Students should not sell or solicit funds outside of their immediate neighborhood.

EC: 51520, 51521. CODE OF REGULATIONS, TITLE 8: 11706. Bus. & Prof. Code: 17510.

CSBA Date – 9/90

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