1240 – Community Relations – Participation by the Public – Volunteer Assistance

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Adopted – 7/16/1998
Revised – 9/17/2015

The Governing Board encourages parents/guardians and other members of the community to share their time, knowledge and abilities with our students.  Community volunteers in our schools enrich the educational program and strengthen our schools’ relationships with homes, businesses, public agencies and private institutions.  The presence of volunteers in the classroom and on school grounds also enhances supervision of students and contributes to school safety.

The Superintendent or designee may authorize the use of volunteers and shall establish a plan for screening volunteers. The Superintendent or designee shall establish procedures to protect the safety of students and adults in accordance with laws related to tuberculosis testing, fingerprinting and criminal records checks.

Volunteers shall act in accordance with District policies, regulations and school rules. At his/her discretion, a site administrator may ask any volunteer who violates school rules to leave the campus.  Staff members who supervise volunteers also may confer with the principal or designee regarding any such volunteers. The Superintendent or designee shall be responsible for investigating and resolving complaints regarding volunteers.

Volunteer maintenance work shall be limited to those projects that do not replace the normal maintenance duties of classified staff.  The Board nevertheless encourages volunteers to work on short-term projects to the extent that they enhance the classroom or school, meet a specific need, comply with established building and safety codes, do not significantly increase maintenance workloads and comply with employee negotiated contracts.

Volunteer aides shall not be used to assist certificated staff in performing teaching or administrative responsibilities in place of regularly authorized classified employees who have been laid off.  (Education Code 35021)

The Board encourages principals to develop a means for recognizing the contributions of each school’s volunteers.


The Superintendent or designee shall establish processes for deciding whether volunteers possess the qualifications required by law and administrative regulation for the duties they will perform.

Before assuming a volunteer position to work with students in a student activity program sponsored by the district, a volunteer must obtain both a Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation criminal background check through the district.  (Education Code 49024)

Volunteers who possess a current Activity Supervisor Clearance Certificate from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, issued prior to July 9, 2010, shall have met district requirements for the criminal background check.  (Education Code 49024)

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