1230 – Community Relations – Participation by the Public – School – Connected Organizations

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Adopted – 7/7/1998
Revised –
The Board recognizes that parents/guardians may wish to organize clubs for the purpose of supporting the educational program and/or extracurricular programs. The Board supports such activities and welcomes parental interest and participation. Parent/guardian club members shall be especially careful not to seek advantages for the activities they support if those advantages might be detrimental to the the entire school program.

The Board requires parent/guardian clubs to have a written statement of purpose and by-laws. The Board recognizes that these organizations are independent of the school or district. In order to protect the district and students, the Superintendent or designee shall establish appropriate controls for the relationship between such organizations and the district.

Groups desiring to be recognized as school-connected organizations shall request authorizations from the Board in accordance with conditions established in administrative regulations.

EC 35160, 40041, 40043
CSBA Date – 12/90

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