1170 – Community Relations – Communication with the Public – Naming of Facility

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Adopted – 6/8/1990
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Governing Boards may name new and existing facilities of the school district. The criteria for naming facilities are determined by the local Governing Board. At times, requests are made by individuals or groups within the school district community to name a facility after an individual, a program, or a significant historical event. Established procedures will aid the Governing Board in making decisions about requests to name facilities.

It is the policy of the Pacific Grove Unified School District that school district facilities may be named in honor of individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the school district, the community, the state of California, and to the United States of America. In doing so, the Board will require the following procedures:

1. That requests to name a school district facility be made in writing by an individual or an organization within the Pacific Grove Unified School District boundaries.

2. That upon receipt of a request to name a facility, the Board may direct the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee to form an Ad Hoc Committee with one representative each from the Board, the school district administration, the business community, and five representatives from the school site to be named.(parent, teacher, classified staff, administrator and student)

3. The Ad Hoc Committee will review all requests and make a recommendation to the Board through the Superintendent regarding the request to name a facility. The recommendation shall be made to the Board within 90 days of its receipt by the district administration.

4. Results of the Board’s decision shall be communicated to the requestor within 15 days by the Superintendent or his/her designee.

Review of Termination Policy:

This policy shall remain in effect until such time as the Board shall, by majority, approve its recision or modification, or until such time as it shall be required that it be rescinded or modified to comply with laws pertinent to this item.

EC 35160
PGUSD Originated Policy
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