1113 – Community Relations – Communication with the Public – Publicizing School Meetings

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Adopted – 7/7/1994
Revised –
It is the goal of the Pacific Grove School District’s Public Information Program to provide the community with a knowledgeable image of the school district and its various operations.

General Public Information Goals:

1. An overview of Pacific Grove’s education program.
2. A balanced view; representation of all grade levels, from all subject matter fields and all schools.
3. Use of non-technical terminology.

Reporting of school meetings and of school activities shall be the responsibility of the Principal and shall be cleared through his office so that:

1. Duplication will be avoided.
2. A consistent policy with regard to school publicity will be maintained.
3. Information will accurately reflect district policy.


1. Student reporting of athletic games.
2. Student columns for local newspapers.

Copies of all materials shall be furnished the Superintendent.

Specific Public Information Goals

The Pacific Grove Unified School District:

1. Operates in a fiscally responsible manner.
2. Is responsive to the community in its operation and direction.
3. Emphasizes the teaching of basic academic skills.
4. Employs and retains a high quality staff, many of whom make professional and community contributions.
5. Student body is largely composed of thoughtful, serious and creative young people.
6. Employs modern teaching techniques.
7. Is concerned with the need for constant self-evaluation in all aspects of its operation.
8. Recognizes the variation in competence, capability, interest and emotional and social maturity of students and provides an educational program to allow for these differences.

EC 35172
PGUSD Originated Policy
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