1112 – Community Relations – Communication with the Public – Media Relations

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Adopted – 7/7/1994
Revised – 9/1/2011
The Governing Board recognizes that the media significantly influences the public’s understanding of school issues and can greatly assist the district in communicating with the community about school needs.

The Board respects the public’s right to information and recognizes that the media has a legitimate interest in the schools and a responsibility to provide the community with news.

The Superintendent or designee shall coordinate the release of information concerning the district and the actions of the Board.

Media representatives are welcome at all Board meetings and shall receive meeting announcements and agendas upon request.

Like all visitors, media representatives are encouraged to identify themselves when they enter school grounds so as to avoid causing disruption or confusion. The principal or designee of each school shall provide the media with information relating to his/her school, including information about student awards, school accomplishments and events of special interest.

Employees should always make it clear that they are expressing their own personal viewpoints when so doing. They should not express viewpoints on behalf of the district unless they have been designated to do so.

Media representatives who wish to interview or photograph students at school must make prior arrangements with the principal so as to alleviate any possibility of disturbances on campus. This also allows the principal to arrange for interview times that will not interfere with the student’s class attendance.

The district shall not release information which is private or confidential as identified by law and Board policy or administrative regulation.

During a disturbance or crisis situation, the first priority of school staff is to address the situation at hand. At such times, media inquiries shall be routed to the Superintendent or designee, who shall:

1. Prepare an official statement responding to the particular situation.
2. Update the official statement as events unfold.
3. Keep staff and students well informed.

EC 32210, 32211, 35144-146, 35160, 35172.
CSBA Date – 9/92

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