1100 – Community Relations – Communication with the Public – Involving the Community

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Adopted – 7/7/1994
Revised –
The Governing Board appreciates the importance of community involvement and therefore shall strive to keep the community informed of developments within the school system in timely and understandable ways.

The Superintendent or designee shall use all available means of communication to keep the public aware of the goals, programs, achievements and needs of our schools. Members of the community shall have opportunities to become involved in the schools and to express their interests and concerns.

The district shall seek to communicate in ways that accommodate the needs of all members of the public, including the visually or hearing impaired, those who do not understand English, and those who do not read.


The Board recognizes that state law prohibits mass mailings or distributions at public expense which aggrandize elected officers. The name, signature or photograph of an elected district officer may be included in such materials only as permitted by the Code of Regulations, Title 2, 18901.

In order to promote open communication between Board members and the public, district newsletters and other mass mailings shall include a roster of all Board members’ names in accordance with law.

EC 35172; GC 82041.5, 89001; CODE OF REGS, TITLE 2 18901; CDE LEGAL ADVISORIES 0619.87

CSBA Date – 9/90

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