0600 – Mission and Goals – Comprehensive Plans – Policy Organization and Maintenance Plan

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Adopted – 5/5/1994
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It is the philosophy of the Board to develop policies and regulations when necessary, but to limit policy development to those required by education, government or other code, to those needed to resolve and/or prevent problems, and to those necessary to guide staff in a consistent way to achieving the district’s goals and objectives. A concise policy handbook is more apt to be read, understood and maintained by staff.

The policy plan is based on CSBA policy resources and updates which are prepared with legal input. The adoption of CSBA materials following review to meet district needs is planned to facilitate the time required for preparation and for review by the Board and, in the long view, to facilitate ease in maintenance.

Board Policies

The Pacific Grove Unified School District Board of Trustees adopts board policies to govern the district’s schools in pursuit of its educational goals, in accordance with state education and relevant government codes and based on the needs of the school district. The Board, through policy directs the Superintendent’s management of the district.

Administrative Regulations

The Superintendent, directed by the Board, establishes necessary administrative regulations: (1) to implement Board policies; (2) to meet state and federal mandates; (3) to guide staff in operational areas where litigation is possible; and (4) to meet requirements in administering the district. Administrative Regulations are reviewed by the Board prior to implementation.

Methods to Keep Policy Books Concise

1) The use of #10 type fonts (as used on this document) will reduce the number of pages necessary. 2) The use of reference #’s without the full description, as used by CSBA, will often save a full page. When necessary, to research an issue, the reference # is available and, the full CSBA resource is available. 3) Judgment calls as to times when a policy can be omitted such as when a personnel issue is in the employee contract or, at times when the code does not require a policy and there is no problem in the district. CSBA presents many optional policies which may not be needed.

Revisions of Policy and Regulations

The need for policy revision is continuous and initiated by changes in the education code, changes in district practice and when district issues arise and need clarification. CSBA will publish quarterly updates on recommended policy and regulation.

Assignment and Maintenance of Policy Books

Policy Handbooks are assigned to specific management and organizational staff who are responsible to know the content and to keep them up to date.

Board Members 5
Superintendent and Adm. Staff 4
Secretary to Superintendent 2
Schools & Administrative Sites 5 (one book per site)
District’s Legal Firm 1
Total 17

Staff members assigned policy books will receive quarterly updates from the Superintendent’s office and shall report annually to the Superintendent on the status of their assigned book. Upon leaving the district, staff members who have been assigned a Policy Handbook shall return it to the Superintendent’s office. Principals will be assigned two policy books, one for personal use and one, available to staff in the staff room.

Procedure for the Development of New and Revised Policies

1. Policies and regulations will be prepared in a draft format and presented to the Superintendent for initial review. Administrative staff will be involved as appropriate. Following this review the materials will be presented to the Board for first reading and, with suggestions and changes made, followed by Board adoption at a subsequent meeting.

2. The task will be scheduled over a year, from February, 1994 to February, 1995, to allow time necessary for consideration by staff and the Board without holding marathon sessions. CSBA’s quarterly system will be used with materials presented to the Board one or more times during each quarter based on the following sequence:

First Quarter: Feb through April: Mission & Goals, Com. Relations
Second Quarter: May through July: Administration & Business
Third Quarter: August through October: Personnel and Students
Fourth Quarter: November through January: Instr. and Board Bylaws

3. When approved by the Board, the Superintendent’s secretary will prepare copies for distribution to policy book holders. Following the CSBA model, policies are printed on blue paper, regulations on yellow and exhibits on pink.

Maintenance Plan

The CSBA quarterly updates plus identified needs by staff and the Board will be the basis for maintaining the policy system once completed. The system described above will adapt to keeping policies up to date.

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