0420.4 – Mission and Goals – Comprehensive Plans – Charter Schools

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Adopted – 5/5/1994
Revised – 12/01/2000

The Governing Board believes that charter schools provide one opportunity to implement school-level reform and to support innovations that improve student learning.  These schools shall operate under the provisions of their charters, federal laws, specified state laws and general oversight of the Board.

As needed, the Superintendent or designee may work with charter school petitioners to establish workable plans for technical assistance or contracted services that the District may provide to the proposed charter school.

In determining whether to grant or deny a charter, the Board shall carefully review the proposed charter and any supplementary information, consider public and staff input, and determine whether the charter petition adequately addresses all the provisions required by law.  The Board shall not deny a charter school petition unless specific written factual findings are made pursuant to law and administrative regulation.

The Board shall ensure that any charter granted by the Board contains adequate processes and measures for holding the school accountable for fulfilling the terms of its charter. These shall include, but not be limited to, fiscal accountability systems as well as multiple measures for evaluating the educational program. To assist the Board in its general oversight responsibility, charters shall provide for regular reports to the Board related to the charter provisions.

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CSBA Date – 12/92

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