0420.2 – Mission and Goals – Comprehensive Plans – School Improvement Programs

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Adopted – 5/5/1994
Revised –
The goal of school improvement programs at participating schools shall be to improve instruction, auxiliary services, school environment and school organization so as to meet the needs of all the school’s students. The school site council shall develop a school improvement plan to guide the improvement activities. Upon Governing Board approval of the plan, the site council shall assume responsibility for the ongoing review of its implementation and a periodic evaluation of the program’s effectiveness. The council shall annually review the plan, establish the plan budget and update the plan to reflect changing improvement needs and priorities.

EC 52000-049, 62000-007; TITLE 5 4000-4091; CDE ADVISORIES 0620.09, 0430.09, 1107.89.
CSBA Date – 9/88

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