0200 – Mission and Goals – Goals for the District – Annual Goals

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Adopted – 07/16/1998
Revised – 11/1/2012
The Governing Board shall adopt long-term goals for achieving the District’s overall vision for its schools as well as clear performance standards and benchmarks which can be used to determine if the District is meeting these goals. Goals shall be limited in number so as to be reasonably achievable within established timelines.

The Superintendent or designee may establish short-term, interim objectives and comprehensive plans to ensure adequate, regular progress toward the District’s long-term goals.

A. The State of the Pacific Grove Unified School District Is Sound and Moving Forward. PGUSD shall endeavor to continue addressing significant current and future challenges:

” Student Learning and Achievement and Instructional Program Alignment
” Staff Recruitment, Retention and Professional Development
” School Culture and Connections
” Facilities and Bond Expenditures
” Managing the Impacts of a Volatile State Budget

B. PGUSD District Goals

1. Focus on Student Learning and Achievement
2. Safety, Credibility, Confidence and Communication
3. Fiscal Solvency, Accountability and Integrity
4. Program, Services and Budget Alignment

C. Goals Defined

1. Student Learning and Achievement
” Monitor & Utilize Multiple Federal, State, Local Measures of Assessment
o Federal/State:
” Current data from AYP, API, STAR and CAHSEE
” Beginning 2014 – New State Assessment protocols as aligned with the State Common Core Standards
o Local
” Beginning 2012 – The development and implementation of common formative assessments K -12 as aligned with Common Core Standards
” DIBELs (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills)
” Other Elementary Reading and Writing Literacy Assessments
” Review and evaluation of English Learner progress towards reclassification
” Monitor and Respond to Student Behaviors and Capacity
o School counseling meetings including regularly reviewed four year academic plans
o Prevention and Intervention with community counseling agencies
o Regular K -12 staff and cabinet meetings dedicated to specific student needs and interventions
o Continue and build upon high school career counseling
” Continue Implementation of Data Driven, Standards Based Instruction and Curriculum

2. Safety, Credibility, Confidence and Communication
” Student Centered Initiatives
” Focus on Student and Staff Safety
” High Degree of Communication
” Programs Responsive to Long Term Strategic Plan

3. Fiscal Solvency, Accountability and Integrity
” Maintain Regular State Updates & Interim Reporting
” Maintain a Regular Budget Advisory Committee
” Maintain Fiduciary Responsibilities
” Align Budget With Specific Program Priorities

4. Program, Services and Budget Alignment
” Maintain Regular Survey of Programmatic, Service and Facility Needs
” Establish and Communicate Instructional and Service Program Priorities
” Align District Budget With Established Priorities and Strategic Plan
” Realize Full Implementation of Measure D Modernization
” Continued Support of Programs Supported by Parcel Tax

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