0100 – Mission and Goals – District Strategic Plan – Mission, Philosophy and Goals

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Adopted – 5/5/1994
Revised – 11/1/2012
As part of its responsibility to establish a guiding vision for the District, the Board of Education shall develop and regularly review a set of fundamental principles which describes the district’s beliefs, values or tenets. The Board and District staff shall incorporate this philosophy in all District programs and activities. The guiding vision is presented in the Mission Statement, and the fundamental principles are presented in the Board’s Goals, the District’s Strategic Plan and the Superintendent’s Goals. These documents are reviewed and updated annually.

Mission Statement

Pacific Grove Unified School District, in partnership with the community, will challenge every student by providing a quality instructional program in a positive, safe and stimulating environment. The District will ensure opportunities for students to acquire and apply the knowledge and skills that develop the insight and character necessary for a productive and rewarding life.

Board Goals and Strategies

Goal One: Student Learning and Achievement – Overall Educational Program: Every student is performing at or above grade level, engaged in his or her learning, and contributing positively to the community

Strategy #1: Develop and implement a comprehensive and standards-based educational program with respect to curriculum, instruction, course offerings, class size, support programs and facilities

Goal Two: Credibility, Confidence and Communication Accountability and Integrity: Student, family and community partnerships, relationships and dialog contribute to the success of every student.

Strategy #2: Staff Recruitment, Retention and Professional Development

Strategy #3: Communications

Goal Three: Credibility, Confidence, Communication Fiscal Solvency, Program, Services and Budget Alignment

Strategy #4: Establish a safe, clean and secure school environment

Strategy #5: The District budgetary process will reflect the Strategic Plan goals

Superintendent Goals

Goal #1: The Superintendent will lead the District through the use of Professional Learning Communities and Renewed Student Assessment protocols to align instructional programs/practices with the New California Common Core Standards.

Goal #2: To utilize continuous improvement strategies and professional learning communities at all levels of the district to foster high academic achievement as the district’s highest priority.

Goal #3a: To promote a positive and supportive view of PG Schools within our district, our local community, and region, which maintains trust, confidence and credibility.

Goal #3b: To provide high quality, relevant and aligned professional development activities for district staff.

Goal #4: To maintain financial accountability and budget integrity.

Goal #5a: To maintain productive relationships with all employee groups.

Goal #5b: To ratify, with Board approval, contracts and agreements that are fair and fiscally sound reflecting current and predicted federal, state and local budget scenarios

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