5030-B – Student – Student Wellness – Healthy Fundraising Alternatives

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Adopted – 6/22/2006
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The following are offered as an informational resource, not an endorsement.

Community involvement fundraising, a listing of suggested events for schools, sports, and clubs including some which support academic activities. This site was developed by the California Department of Health Services, and California Project LEAN. It presents many resources and ideas, as well as links to 20 other “healthy alternatives” fundraising organizations. http://health.ocde.us/downloads/Healthy_Fundraising.pdf

Resources for healthy schools including creative financing and fundraising, snack and vending ideas, communication of policy, etc.: http://actionforhealthykids.org

Fundraising that promotes a healthy school environment. http://www.state.ct.us/sde/deps/Student/NutritionEd/Healthy_Fundraising_BW.pdf

Suggestions and products for school fundraisers that teach nutrition. This site offers ideas for generating revenue with products that educate parents and are beneficial to children’s health. http://www.fundraisers.com/ideas/lunchboxcomics

Assistance and consultation in the development and implementation of golf-related fundraisers for schools (based in Monterey County). http://www.nomorebakesales.com

Monterey County’s own Healthy Eating Lifestyle Principles website with helpful links to other statewide agencies specializing in nutrition education, physical activity, disease prevention, and lifestyle choices. www.helpunited.org

List of 50+ non-food fundraising ideas: www.nojunkfood.org/fundraising/tosell.html

Healthy fundraising alternatives for parent and student activity groups are offered by this company. Seasonably available fresh produce for fundraising and for monthly nutrition education units: http://ripplerileythomas.com/fundraising-home.html

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