1312 – Community Relations – Public Activities Involving Staff, Students and School Facilities – Complaints Concerning the Schools

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Adopted – 7/7/1994
Revised –
The Governing Board believes that the quality of the educational program can improve when the district listens to complaints, considers differences of opinion, and resolves disagreements through an established, objective process.

The Board encourages complainants to resolve problems early and informally whenever possible. If a problem remains unresolved, the individual should submit a formal complaint as early as possible in accordance with appropriate district procedures. District procedures shall be readily accessible to the public.

Individual Board members do not have authority to resolve complaints. If approached directly with a complaint, however, Board members should listen to the complaint and show their concern by referring the complainant to the Superintendent or designee so that the problem may receive proper consideration.

EC: 35146, 35160.5; GC: 950-950.8.CODE OF REGULATIONS, TITLE 5: 3080, Section 4600-4671.
CSBA Date – 12/91

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